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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

FOUNDATION REVIEW | Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Hi loves!

Recently I've been hearing a lot of people talking about the *Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani.

Now initially I was not interested in trying this foundation for two reasons:

1. The name says 'Luminous' - I have combination/oily skin (the two don't sit well together!)
2. It's by Giorgio Armani - in other words... that's expensive!

The more I started looking into it and saw that hardly anyone had a negative word to say about it the more I began to warm to the idea of purchasing it.

So eventually I did it!

I purchased my foundation from Debenhams online for £36.50 and I am in the shade no.13 (I'm an NW45 in MAC).

This is a 30ml foundation bottle which is standard for most foundations. It is a thick frosted glass container with a plastic lid and it comes with a pump for application. I personally do not recall any offensive smells from the foundation which is great.

The consistency of the foundation is not runny, but it also is not too thick. I'd say it is a mid-runny consistency.

Here are the claims of the foundation from the Debenhams website:

Silky, lightweight fluid foundation for seamless application. Capture the glow of perfect looking skin with Luminous silk foundation, an oil-free hydrating fluid with exclusive Micro-fil™ technology. Its lightweight and silky texture glides on seamlessly for an all-day, buildable coverage. Find your perfect match among 21 available shades. All skin types. 

Top pic: Me wearing the foundation on initial application
Bottom pic: Another day wearing the foundation after 12+ hours
I will have to say that this foundation definitely does not disappoint! The claims are definitely true. It is very silky on application, I don't find it to be patchy or streaky
either. It's very lightweight and definitely buildable. I would say that with one application it is a light to medium coverage. It also lasts all day. As it's oil-free I don't find it making me oily or sliding off my face during the day.

The finish of the foundation isn't matte. I also wouldn't call it dewy. I would just say it is a silky finish which allows your skin to look like skin. Very natural. 

One thing that I'm also very impressed by is the fact that it has 21 SHADES in this range! I would say there are about 4 / 5 shades that are suitable for deeper skin tones which is ok, but not great for a lot of women that I know that have darker skin than myself. 

Overall I have to say that I consider this foundation as one of my favourites! Now my all time favourite is the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, and you may be thinking that the two are polar opposites. That is true. Estee Lauder DW is definitely a matte finish, bullet proof for oils in my opinion which is why I LOVE it! Whereas this Giorgio Armani foundation is definitely not matte and does not hold my oils in all day. But I love the fact it makes me look so natural all day and I don't look oily like most luminous foundations make me look like. 

I would say that if you can afford to splurge on this foundation definitely give it a go. If this foundation is too out of your budget, a good drugstore alternative is the newly formulated L'Oreal True Match foundation which I also really like and retails for £7.99 at Boots and Superdrugs.

You can purchase the Giorgio Armani foundation here or find a the cheaper alternative True Match foundation here

Check out my application of the foundation in my latest GRWM below!

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think about it? 

Speak soon
Vicky xx

*All products mentioned were purchased by me and I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned in this post. 

Friday, 7 August 2015

KISS COSMETICS | Mini Kissticks Review

Hi loves!

Recently the new makeup brand Kiss Cosmetics released a new line in their lipstick range KISSTICK. You can now purchase their full size lipsticks in mini sizes - Mini Kissticks*.

I personally think this is a great idea! Each mini lipstick has 1gram of product, which is a decent size for a mini lipstick product. I would say they appear more like a deluxe sample size.

The lipstick I received from KISS Cosmetics was the shade 'Frisky Fuchsia' is described as 'a delicious raspberry, not too cool so as to suit most skin tones'- perfect for summer and great on deeper skin tones! It is quite a moisturising formula which is quite glossy. The glossy finish does not last, but the colour does leave a stain on your lips. As it is glossy it does transfer (like most lipstick products). I would say that you would definitely need a lip liner (see lip swatch below) with this shade as it is very creamy and pigmented. However, because of the formula being so opaque, this mini size will last you quite a long time!

The packaging of the lipstick at first reminds me of a lip balm packaging, which although may not be the prettiest, it's great for travelling with and throwing into your handbag. When closing the lipstick, be aware that the lipstick does not go all the way down so you'll need to be careful when placing the lid back on otherwise you may scrape some of the lipstick.

'Frisky Fuchsia' hand swatch (two coats)

In terms of any scents - the lipstick has a plastic sweet scent which is not overpowering and doesn't transfer to your lips. The lipstick bullet is shaped as a traditional bullet with a pointed tip which makes it easy to apply. However, as it is a mini size the bullet is quite thin (but I didn't find it difficult to apply onto my fuller lips).

'Frisky Fuchsia' lip swatch (two coats)

The mini sticks come in 10 shades ranging from nudes to purple. They retail for £2 each and you can purchase your mini lipstick from the KISS Cosmetics website.

Speak soon!
Vicky xx

*I was sent this product for review purposes by Kiss Cosmetics. All links are non-affialiated. 


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Has the highstreet finally got 'Nude' right? | RIMMEL LONDON LASTING FINISH LIPSTICK BY KATE NUDE COLLECTION (Shade 048)

Hi loves!

So Rimmel London have released 5 new 'Nude' lipsticks from the Kate Collection. Now the reason I'm actually interested in this is because each shade is supposed to suit a different skin tone. So naturally I was like - errrr hello!!

They released 5 shades which range from a lighter peach tone (040) to a darker plum brown (048). They are a moisture lipstick, so they will not transfer as a matte shade but will have a creamy sheen finish. On the website they claim to last for up to 8 hours.

I purchased one of the lipsticks - 048. This is marketed as a shade to match deeper skin tones. I have to totally agree. It's no secret that the drugstore are notorious for not providing enough products that would suit deeper skin tones. But this lipstick is definitely a leap forward.

The lipstick itself, as mentioned previously is a deep brown / plum shade. This is a great nude colour for women with deeper skin tones as it's not a single tone brown (which a lot of darker 'nudes' tend to be) which is too dark to be a nude shade or a pink which is clearly not a nude for deep skin tones. It also isn't too opaque that it looks out of place. It gives a sheer finish when applied with one coat (see lip swatch below) but is definitely a shade that can be built on without ever looking too much (hand swatch above).

Now regarding it's lasting power, it claims to last for up to 8 hours. I personally have not worn this for 8 hours, however I will say that the sheen of the lipstick definitely does not last longer than a couple of hours (especially if I'm eating / drinking). However, the lipstick does leave your lips feeling moisturised for a long time - I would say at least 3 - 4 hours. The colour also lasts as it leaves a slight stain on your lips.

The Kate lipsticks tend to have a strong watermelon scent, which I personally am not a fan of. I have to say I haven't noticed it with these lipsticks as much. Although they still have a strong sweet scent to them.

One thing I will say is that even though this lipstick is brown girl friendly it's very difficult to locate in store. I have had to purchase mine online, yet I see all other shades in the collection in stock in store. Now this is not because it has sold out... it's simply a result of the stores not stocking these as there is no allocated display for this shade (in the stores that I have visited). This is the sad nature of British high street beauty. 

The lipsticks are priced at £5.49 each at Superdrug or Boots. 

Application: 5/5
Cost: 5/5
Overall satisfaction: 5/5

Speak soon,
Vicky xo

*All products were purchased by me and I have no affiliation with Rimmel London or Superdrugs or Boots

Monday, 20 July 2015


Hi loves!

So Charlotte Tilbury recently launched a new addition to her original bronze and glow palette, which promised to be suitable for deeper skin tones. Naturally on hearing of this new launch, I was very excited and was anticipating the release date (although I was wondering why it had taken so long to release this shade after the initial launch of the original palette).

I have never bought anything from Charlotte Tilbury's makeup range and to be honest my knowledge of her line and skills has been completely Youtube created. So with the hype of the original palette I was expecting nothing but the best from this palette.

The palette itself is a duo palette, with the left hand side the deeper sculpting shade and the right a more bronzing highlighting shade (see below). Both sides have shimmer specs in them, with the right side of this being more apparent. They come encased in a beautiful gold coloured metal packaging (see above) with a mirror the width of the palette on the inside. The whole theme is film star 'esque'... and it certainly has that feeling. From the way it is packaged for delivery to the casing of the palette... all has been thought out well.

Now onto the actual product. The sculpting shade (truer colour below) has a subtle shimmer and would be more suitable for Mediterranean and lighter Asian skin tones. The highlighter is a burnt orange / bronze shade which also has fine shimmer particles which do not appear to be too obvious when applied to the face. This is a perfect highlight for deeper skin tones. In fact I would say the deeper you are in terms of skin tone, the better this appears.

When I saw the sculpting shade at first I was optimistic, but then I did a subtle swatch and then realised I couldn't see a thing on my hand! I tried the highlighter and that appeared to be dull too... so I started to worry that I'd made a big mistake.

On application this palette performs very differently. I will say that if you are an NW45 or deeper this palette will definitely not sculpt your face. The sculpting shade will be more of an illuminator on our deep skin tone. So saying that I now consider this to be a illuminating / highlighting palette for deeper skin tones. Now when I see it as that, this palette performs beautifully.

As a highlighting palette, this gives me the most natural but golden/bronze glow ever. I have to say it is probably the best highlighter I've ever used. The powder is very fine and the shimmer is also very fine that it doesn't appear to be heavy on my skin or have glitter particles falling onto my skin. On the Charlotte Tilbury website they claim that the highlight 'uses Light Flex Technology to capture light and radiate it out for a luminous complexion'. 

Do not rely on hand swatches to see the true beauty of this palette. I use both shades in the palette as my highlight. Using my real techniques contour brush I dab my brush into the sculpting shade and then the highlight and then sweep across the tops of my cheek bones and anywhere else I'd like to highlight. The results are a gorgeous flawless glow. Although do note that this product will produce a bit of fall out as it is a powder.

Overall, although this product does not fully do what it claims for my skin tone, the highlighter alone performs so well that I'm willing to ignore that major issue. However, saying that, when companies market a product to work for deeper skin tones, it would be great if it was tested out on women with actual deep skin tones! Especially as this product is a very high-end product with a price tag to match it. Although to be fair this is not just marketed to dark skin tones. On the website it claims to suit medium to deep / deep tan skin tones.


Application: 3/5  
Cost: 3/5
Overall satisfaction: 3/5 

You can find this product at Charlotte Tilbury's website, rrp £49

Speak soon,
Vicky xo

*All products mentioned were purchased by me and I have no affiliation with Charlotte Tilbury


Saturday, 20 June 2015


Freedom Makeup London recently launched in the UK and they definitely made an impression! If you haven't already done so - you can see my HUGE FREEDOM MAKEUP LONDON HAUL that I published onto my Youtube channel.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Conceal and Correct Palette (Dark), £5
Amongst everything I purchased from Freedom, I was most excited about the Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in the shade dark. I was impressed by the fact that they had released a palette that was suitable for deeper skin tones - and yes I typically made that plural as the many shades in this palette will definitely suit a number of different deeper skin tones. They have also released a light, light/medium, and medium/dark palette too, as well as a Pro Correct Palette. So there are 5 palettes in total.

The palette retails for £5 - and with 6 concealer shades in the palette and a total weight of 6 grams - that makes each concealer shade roughly about 84pence per gram! How amazing is that?

It comes packaged in quite a sturdy plastic package which is roughly the size of my hands. There is no mirror included, which I'm personally not bothered by!

So bearing in mind that this is such an affordable palette, I will be more forgiving towards the way it performs in this review.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Conceal and Correct Palette (Dark), £5

As you can see the palette consists of a range of concealer shades. It has an orange corrector shade (top left) which I found was great for my hyper pigmentation. The darkest shade in this palette (top middle) I used for contouring and although it is very pigmented I did find it was a little difficult to blend out. The other three lighter shades in the right hand side are great skin tone concealers (depending on your tone) with the top right shade my closest match (I'm an NW45 in MAC). The lightest shade in the palette (bottom left) is great as an under eye highlight.

Swatches in day light

The formula of each concealer is quite creamy. I have used other affordable concealer palettes and have found their formula to be quite dry and difficult to gather product. However, with this palette this wasn't a problem for me.

As the formula is quite creamy, I found it quite easy to apply the concealers onto my skin. However, what I did notice was that the more I tried to blend the shades, the more they started to fade and I could see my hyper pigmentation underneath. I would say that because of this the best way to apply this would be to dab onto areas for concealing, instead of buffing.

You will definitely need to set each concealer shade. Although I didn't see much creasing, there still was some. You can see the slight creasing in the picture below under my eyes. So you should definitely set it with a good powder to avoid this. I will be trying my Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup setting powder and will update you when I've reviewed it soon!

Using the orange corrector and a skin tone concealer shade under my eyes

So what's my overall opinion of this palette? I think it's a good concealer and corrector palette for women of colour. It has definitely been thought out well... with an attempt to meet the requirements of the many different shades women of colour come in. Although not particularly long lasting, I think it is a good day to day palette - work, shopping etc. I personally would not use it if I wanted to go out for a long period of time or if I wanted to create a more 'made up' face. The price is unbeatable and the formula is good for what it is.

I would recommend this - and I applaud Freedom for catering to women of colour! I now recommend that Freedom releases similar shades in their foundation collection as there are none as of yet that would suit ANY woman with a deeper skin tone.

RATING: 3.5/5

Have you tried out this palette? What were your thoughts on it?

To purchase this palette click here!

Chat soon!
Vicky xx


Friday, 22 May 2015

LA Splash Lip Coutures! Review and Swatches (Dupe Alert?!)

Recently the beauty world has been inundated with the releases of liquid lipsticks. I myself have managed to gather a small (in the eyes of beauty enthusiasts) collection of the lippies and so it only made sense that I was going to get the new LASplash Lip Coutures that recently made their debut on UK shores!

I bought 7 of these beauties from the www.love-makeup.co.uk website and they retailed for £8 each (I believe on the LASplash website they are $11 - so not bad!). Now looking back on the website, I can't seem to find a lot of the colours I picked up as they have new shades on there. So I'm not sure where you can pick up some of the shades that I have. I believe Amazon also sells these and the LASplash website also ship to the UK.

Before I bought these lippies, I watched a few reviews on the YT and the one thing that stood out to me was that everyone was talking about how long they lasted. I have to agree. These liquid lipsticks have an amazing lasting power. The main fading occurs on the inner rim of the lips and that would happen quicker depending on what you've been eating or doing that day.

I wore these lip coutures for 12 hours and whilst it lasted all day, my lips did end up looking quite patchy as they felt dry by the end of the day and started to peel. I would definitely suggest you exfoliate your lips well and moisturise them before applying the lip coutures. Whilst they do not feel uncomfortable on the lips, they do settle into your fine lines and they WILL show any dryness!

Another issue with these lip coutures that a lot of people have raised and I too have noticed, has been the smell. These definitely have a chemical smell to them, that can be very off putting unfortunately. However, I will say that you can't smell them once you have applied them to your lips which is a redeeming factor.

With regards to the colour range, I am very impressed with the vast amount of shades they have. On the UK site there are about 8 shades, which range from pinks to deep purples and even a blue; whilst on the LASplash cosmetics website I believe they have about 20 different shades! Some of the colours I would say you will need to use a lip liner, like this one below called Ghoulish:

LASplash Cosmetics 'Ghoulish' with Jordana Lip Liner 'Coco Loco'

Like I mentioned before, I picked up 7 of these shades which I'll list below:

Ghoulish (a taupe, brown shade which is gorgeous, but can make my lips look triple their size. I would suggest wearing a darker lip liner with these babies)

Poisoned apple (a blue based red colour which is very easy to wear as it's not bright but still quite prominent on my lips. Perfect for a simple statement look. I am wearing it in my video linked below!)

'Til Midnight (an orange based red which is beautiful. It's not too bright, so it's definitely a comfortable shade to wear. It's also a dupe for the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Tesoro £15 - see below!)

LASplash Cosmetics 'Til Midnight' (left) and Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick 'Tesoro' (right)
DUPE ALERT!! 'Til Midnight  (left) and Tesoro (right)

Untamed (a dark brown shade - milk chocolate shade)

Vampire (similar to the above shade but a darker brown)

Hidden Desires (a purple pink shade quite similar to MAC's Flat Out Fabulous lipstick - see below)

LASplash Cosmetics 'Hidden Desires' 
Criminal (a beautiful dark purple shade)

Below is a picture of all of the swatches (including the dupe in order as listed above):

Hopefully you've found this useful. Based on my review, I would give these liquid lipsticks a 3 out of 5. They last all day which is great, they have a great colour range to suit all skin tones, and are affordable. However, I would say it's quite difficult to locate a lot of the shades in the UK and the smell of the lippies are quite strong and offensive.

Let me know what you think below! I'll definitely be buying more of these! Don't forget to check my video review below :)

Chat to you later lovelies! 

Vicky xoxo 


Friday, 15 May 2015

NEW Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hi loves! 

So this is my first post! Yay - go me! Sorry, I'm just a bit excited at actually starting this - rather than discussing it and planning my future launch. 

I'm going to keep this first post short and simple. 

Courtesy of British Beauty Blogger: Full Iconic Pro Lipstick Range

Recently Makeup Revolution came out with their new Iconic Pro Lipsticks. These lipsticks do remind me of MAC bullets in the way they are shaped. However their packaging is glossy compared to MAC's matte packaging. It is also very clear to see that the inside of the bullet is a beautiful rose gold colour, which is clearly different to MAC's silver lining. 

The lipsticks come in 20 different shades ranging from your flesh tone nudes to your deepest berry purples, with a good selection of mattes and cream finishes. Now I call them cream finishes, however what I truly mean is the regular glossy lipstick finish that you would expect to find with a drugstore lipstick such as Makeup Revolution. 

These lipsticks are very affordable at just £2.49, and therefore a great option for anyone wanting to makeup shop on a budget. 

I bought 11 of the shades and below I will link my video, showing you my swatches of each one. My favourite has to be the gorgeous orange shade called 'Somewhere out there'. It's a beautiful orange colour that is definitely for the bold. However, my only problem with this is the finish. I find that the non-matte lipsticks appeared sheer on application and the more that I built them up, the more streaky they appeared too. I also found that they moved around on my lips quite a bit, so I would definitely suggest you wear a lipliner with these babies! 

Lip Swatch: 'Somewhere out there'

As I mentioned before, they also come in a matte finish, and what you'll notice is that the mattes are the same as the regular line. So for example I bought the colour 'Liberty Matte' (see below) which is a gorgeous purple shade (quite similar to MAC's Up The Amp if I'm correct!). However they also have a non-matte version of Liberty too. I do like the matte lipsticks (well most of the ones I have) as they were quite moisturising on the lips and did not seem to tug on my lips during application. They are also quite long wearing (I'd say at least 3-4 hours of wear). Now I won't say all of them are like this, I found the lighter nudes to be a lot more drying for some reason! 

Lip Swatch: Liberty Matte
Overall I'd give these new lippies a 3.5 out of 5! I love the vast colour range that will suite many different skin tones and I think the packaging is gorgeous with that rose gold lining. Also that price can't be beaten either! However I feel like the formula could be improved slightly to ensure that lipstick is less streaky and longer lasting. 

I would definitely recommend these if you are looking for an affordable but vibrant looking lippie.

Let me know what you think about these lippies! Have you tried them yet? 

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