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Friday, 22 May 2015

LA Splash Lip Coutures! Review and Swatches (Dupe Alert?!)

Recently the beauty world has been inundated with the releases of liquid lipsticks. I myself have managed to gather a small (in the eyes of beauty enthusiasts) collection of the lippies and so it only made sense that I was going to get the new LASplash Lip Coutures that recently made their debut on UK shores!

I bought 7 of these beauties from the www.love-makeup.co.uk website and they retailed for £8 each (I believe on the LASplash website they are $11 - so not bad!). Now looking back on the website, I can't seem to find a lot of the colours I picked up as they have new shades on there. So I'm not sure where you can pick up some of the shades that I have. I believe Amazon also sells these and the LASplash website also ship to the UK.

Before I bought these lippies, I watched a few reviews on the YT and the one thing that stood out to me was that everyone was talking about how long they lasted. I have to agree. These liquid lipsticks have an amazing lasting power. The main fading occurs on the inner rim of the lips and that would happen quicker depending on what you've been eating or doing that day.

I wore these lip coutures for 12 hours and whilst it lasted all day, my lips did end up looking quite patchy as they felt dry by the end of the day and started to peel. I would definitely suggest you exfoliate your lips well and moisturise them before applying the lip coutures. Whilst they do not feel uncomfortable on the lips, they do settle into your fine lines and they WILL show any dryness!

Another issue with these lip coutures that a lot of people have raised and I too have noticed, has been the smell. These definitely have a chemical smell to them, that can be very off putting unfortunately. However, I will say that you can't smell them once you have applied them to your lips which is a redeeming factor.

With regards to the colour range, I am very impressed with the vast amount of shades they have. On the UK site there are about 8 shades, which range from pinks to deep purples and even a blue; whilst on the LASplash cosmetics website I believe they have about 20 different shades! Some of the colours I would say you will need to use a lip liner, like this one below called Ghoulish:

LASplash Cosmetics 'Ghoulish' with Jordana Lip Liner 'Coco Loco'

Like I mentioned before, I picked up 7 of these shades which I'll list below:

Ghoulish (a taupe, brown shade which is gorgeous, but can make my lips look triple their size. I would suggest wearing a darker lip liner with these babies)

Poisoned apple (a blue based red colour which is very easy to wear as it's not bright but still quite prominent on my lips. Perfect for a simple statement look. I am wearing it in my video linked below!)

'Til Midnight (an orange based red which is beautiful. It's not too bright, so it's definitely a comfortable shade to wear. It's also a dupe for the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Tesoro £15 - see below!)

LASplash Cosmetics 'Til Midnight' (left) and Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick 'Tesoro' (right)
DUPE ALERT!! 'Til Midnight  (left) and Tesoro (right)

Untamed (a dark brown shade - milk chocolate shade)

Vampire (similar to the above shade but a darker brown)

Hidden Desires (a purple pink shade quite similar to MAC's Flat Out Fabulous lipstick - see below)

LASplash Cosmetics 'Hidden Desires' 
Criminal (a beautiful dark purple shade)

Below is a picture of all of the swatches (including the dupe in order as listed above):

Hopefully you've found this useful. Based on my review, I would give these liquid lipsticks a 3 out of 5. They last all day which is great, they have a great colour range to suit all skin tones, and are affordable. However, I would say it's quite difficult to locate a lot of the shades in the UK and the smell of the lippies are quite strong and offensive.

Let me know what you think below! I'll definitely be buying more of these! Don't forget to check my video review below :)

Chat to you later lovelies! 

Vicky xoxo 



  1. Gutted to hear about this. I've been looking for something thats similar to the Anastasia lippies. Fab review!

    1. Thank you hun! I've never tried the ABH hippies but they get a mixed review. I might try one of them one day! x


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