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Saturday, 20 June 2015


Freedom Makeup London recently launched in the UK and they definitely made an impression! If you haven't already done so - you can see my HUGE FREEDOM MAKEUP LONDON HAUL that I published onto my Youtube channel.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Conceal and Correct Palette (Dark), £5
Amongst everything I purchased from Freedom, I was most excited about the Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in the shade dark. I was impressed by the fact that they had released a palette that was suitable for deeper skin tones - and yes I typically made that plural as the many shades in this palette will definitely suit a number of different deeper skin tones. They have also released a light, light/medium, and medium/dark palette too, as well as a Pro Correct Palette. So there are 5 palettes in total.

The palette retails for £5 - and with 6 concealer shades in the palette and a total weight of 6 grams - that makes each concealer shade roughly about 84pence per gram! How amazing is that?

It comes packaged in quite a sturdy plastic package which is roughly the size of my hands. There is no mirror included, which I'm personally not bothered by!

So bearing in mind that this is such an affordable palette, I will be more forgiving towards the way it performs in this review.

Freedom Makeup London Pro Conceal and Correct Palette (Dark), £5

As you can see the palette consists of a range of concealer shades. It has an orange corrector shade (top left) which I found was great for my hyper pigmentation. The darkest shade in this palette (top middle) I used for contouring and although it is very pigmented I did find it was a little difficult to blend out. The other three lighter shades in the right hand side are great skin tone concealers (depending on your tone) with the top right shade my closest match (I'm an NW45 in MAC). The lightest shade in the palette (bottom left) is great as an under eye highlight.

Swatches in day light

The formula of each concealer is quite creamy. I have used other affordable concealer palettes and have found their formula to be quite dry and difficult to gather product. However, with this palette this wasn't a problem for me.

As the formula is quite creamy, I found it quite easy to apply the concealers onto my skin. However, what I did notice was that the more I tried to blend the shades, the more they started to fade and I could see my hyper pigmentation underneath. I would say that because of this the best way to apply this would be to dab onto areas for concealing, instead of buffing.

You will definitely need to set each concealer shade. Although I didn't see much creasing, there still was some. You can see the slight creasing in the picture below under my eyes. So you should definitely set it with a good powder to avoid this. I will be trying my Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup setting powder and will update you when I've reviewed it soon!

Using the orange corrector and a skin tone concealer shade under my eyes

So what's my overall opinion of this palette? I think it's a good concealer and corrector palette for women of colour. It has definitely been thought out well... with an attempt to meet the requirements of the many different shades women of colour come in. Although not particularly long lasting, I think it is a good day to day palette - work, shopping etc. I personally would not use it if I wanted to go out for a long period of time or if I wanted to create a more 'made up' face. The price is unbeatable and the formula is good for what it is.

I would recommend this - and I applaud Freedom for catering to women of colour! I now recommend that Freedom releases similar shades in their foundation collection as there are none as of yet that would suit ANY woman with a deeper skin tone.

RATING: 3.5/5

Have you tried out this palette? What were your thoughts on it?

To purchase this palette click here!

Chat soon!
Vicky xx

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