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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Has the highstreet finally got 'Nude' right? | RIMMEL LONDON LASTING FINISH LIPSTICK BY KATE NUDE COLLECTION (Shade 048)

Hi loves!

So Rimmel London have released 5 new 'Nude' lipsticks from the Kate Collection. Now the reason I'm actually interested in this is because each shade is supposed to suit a different skin tone. So naturally I was like - errrr hello!!

They released 5 shades which range from a lighter peach tone (040) to a darker plum brown (048). They are a moisture lipstick, so they will not transfer as a matte shade but will have a creamy sheen finish. On the website they claim to last for up to 8 hours.

I purchased one of the lipsticks - 048. This is marketed as a shade to match deeper skin tones. I have to totally agree. It's no secret that the drugstore are notorious for not providing enough products that would suit deeper skin tones. But this lipstick is definitely a leap forward.

The lipstick itself, as mentioned previously is a deep brown / plum shade. This is a great nude colour for women with deeper skin tones as it's not a single tone brown (which a lot of darker 'nudes' tend to be) which is too dark to be a nude shade or a pink which is clearly not a nude for deep skin tones. It also isn't too opaque that it looks out of place. It gives a sheer finish when applied with one coat (see lip swatch below) but is definitely a shade that can be built on without ever looking too much (hand swatch above).

Now regarding it's lasting power, it claims to last for up to 8 hours. I personally have not worn this for 8 hours, however I will say that the sheen of the lipstick definitely does not last longer than a couple of hours (especially if I'm eating / drinking). However, the lipstick does leave your lips feeling moisturised for a long time - I would say at least 3 - 4 hours. The colour also lasts as it leaves a slight stain on your lips.

The Kate lipsticks tend to have a strong watermelon scent, which I personally am not a fan of. I have to say I haven't noticed it with these lipsticks as much. Although they still have a strong sweet scent to them.

One thing I will say is that even though this lipstick is brown girl friendly it's very difficult to locate in store. I have had to purchase mine online, yet I see all other shades in the collection in stock in store. Now this is not because it has sold out... it's simply a result of the stores not stocking these as there is no allocated display for this shade (in the stores that I have visited). This is the sad nature of British high street beauty. 

The lipsticks are priced at £5.49 each at Superdrug or Boots. 

Application: 5/5
Cost: 5/5
Overall satisfaction: 5/5

Speak soon,
Vicky xo

*All products were purchased by me and I have no affiliation with Rimmel London or Superdrugs or Boots

Monday, 20 July 2015


Hi loves!

So Charlotte Tilbury recently launched a new addition to her original bronze and glow palette, which promised to be suitable for deeper skin tones. Naturally on hearing of this new launch, I was very excited and was anticipating the release date (although I was wondering why it had taken so long to release this shade after the initial launch of the original palette).

I have never bought anything from Charlotte Tilbury's makeup range and to be honest my knowledge of her line and skills has been completely Youtube created. So with the hype of the original palette I was expecting nothing but the best from this palette.

The palette itself is a duo palette, with the left hand side the deeper sculpting shade and the right a more bronzing highlighting shade (see below). Both sides have shimmer specs in them, with the right side of this being more apparent. They come encased in a beautiful gold coloured metal packaging (see above) with a mirror the width of the palette on the inside. The whole theme is film star 'esque'... and it certainly has that feeling. From the way it is packaged for delivery to the casing of the palette... all has been thought out well.

Now onto the actual product. The sculpting shade (truer colour below) has a subtle shimmer and would be more suitable for Mediterranean and lighter Asian skin tones. The highlighter is a burnt orange / bronze shade which also has fine shimmer particles which do not appear to be too obvious when applied to the face. This is a perfect highlight for deeper skin tones. In fact I would say the deeper you are in terms of skin tone, the better this appears.

When I saw the sculpting shade at first I was optimistic, but then I did a subtle swatch and then realised I couldn't see a thing on my hand! I tried the highlighter and that appeared to be dull too... so I started to worry that I'd made a big mistake.

On application this palette performs very differently. I will say that if you are an NW45 or deeper this palette will definitely not sculpt your face. The sculpting shade will be more of an illuminator on our deep skin tone. So saying that I now consider this to be a illuminating / highlighting palette for deeper skin tones. Now when I see it as that, this palette performs beautifully.

As a highlighting palette, this gives me the most natural but golden/bronze glow ever. I have to say it is probably the best highlighter I've ever used. The powder is very fine and the shimmer is also very fine that it doesn't appear to be heavy on my skin or have glitter particles falling onto my skin. On the Charlotte Tilbury website they claim that the highlight 'uses Light Flex Technology to capture light and radiate it out for a luminous complexion'. 

Do not rely on hand swatches to see the true beauty of this palette. I use both shades in the palette as my highlight. Using my real techniques contour brush I dab my brush into the sculpting shade and then the highlight and then sweep across the tops of my cheek bones and anywhere else I'd like to highlight. The results are a gorgeous flawless glow. Although do note that this product will produce a bit of fall out as it is a powder.

Overall, although this product does not fully do what it claims for my skin tone, the highlighter alone performs so well that I'm willing to ignore that major issue. However, saying that, when companies market a product to work for deeper skin tones, it would be great if it was tested out on women with actual deep skin tones! Especially as this product is a very high-end product with a price tag to match it. Although to be fair this is not just marketed to dark skin tones. On the website it claims to suit medium to deep / deep tan skin tones.


Application: 3/5  
Cost: 3/5
Overall satisfaction: 3/5 

You can find this product at Charlotte Tilbury's website, rrp £49

Speak soon,
Vicky xo

*All products mentioned were purchased by me and I have no affiliation with Charlotte Tilbury

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