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Monday, 14 March 2016

black|Up Paris New Products Review!

Hi loves!

So today I want to bring to you some newer product releases from black|Up cosmetics.

I was recently sent their anti-shine powder*, protective primer* and kabuki powder brush* to try and I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised by these products.

Let's start with the primer. It comes in a domed shaped frosted glass bottle, with a clear plastic cover and a pump for application. It contains 30ml of product which is a  great amount for what it is. The primer itself is contains SPF 25 which is great for that sun protection. Apparently this is the first of it's kind - a protective primer for women of colour. It appears to be a white cream, which sets clear once worked into the skin. It also has a tacky feeling to it once rubbed in which is great for keeping your makeup on for longer. You only need a small amount of this product as too much can feel a little greasy on the skin. The primer also has pleasant perfumed scent to it, which isn't too overpowering. I would say that this primer worked well for my foundation. It did definitely help to smooth out my skin, however I wouldn't say it's a pore filler, nor would I say it helped to keep my face mattified all day (despite the claims). I still got oily in my t-zone, however my makeup did stay on for a good 6 hours at least.

The next product I want to discuss is the powder. Now when I first received this, I didn't believe it would work for my skin tone - as it's a light almost yellow based powder (shade NPL 01). However when I applied it I soon realised it was more of a translucent powder and it worked well for my skin tone and didn't leave an ashy finish which is great! There are 5 shades in total ranging for a very light powder (NPL 00) to a deep toned powder (NPL 04). This is a loose powder, so be aware that it could get a bit messy. It does have a sifter at the top of the packaging. I'm not sure how much powder is in the packaging, however you only need a small amount during application. I would say that the powder does definitely give a mattified finish and therefore kept my makeup lasting for much longer than if I hadn't used it. Although you will need to reapply the powder throughout the day as I noticed I need to touch up my nose (which is normal for me) a couple of times during the day.

The kabuki brush is perfect for applying the powder. It's small enough to fit the powder packaging and great for application onto your t-zone as it's slightly domed for a more precise application. I was definitely impressed with the application of this brush and how soft the bristles are. It's a great brush for travelling with too!

All in all I was very impressed with the products as a whole. I would definitely recommend them!

To purchase any of the products mentioned please see below:

The Protective Primer (£29.50)
The Anti-Shine Loose Powder (£29.90)
The Kabuki Brush (£27.00)

Speak soon!
Vicky xxx

*All products were to sent to me for the purpose of review, however the opinions I share are my honest thoughts :) 

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Hi loves!

So it's been a while since I last posted on blog... but things are changing around here! I'm getting back on my game and hopefully will be posting at least weekly from now on!

I thought the best way to return is to address these new palettes on the block - Natasha Denona 28 pan palettes!

Now I was one of those 'crazy' makeup junkies that decided to 'invest' (I use the term very loosely) in not one but both of the 28 pan palettes! If you haven't heard of these palettes before - let me explain why my purchase may seem a bit extreme...
Green-Brown palette

These palettes came to the forefront in the beauty community when the likes of Jaclyn Hill and Nikkie Tutorials started raving about these eyeshadows. Now let me just say that I NEVER trust these big youtubers when it comes to their reviews of certain products - especially such expensive items. You have to know that these beauty gurus have more than likely been sent these palettes as part of PR - so of course they'll be the 'best eyeshadows I've ever used'!

The main issue surrounding these eyeshadows has been the extremely high price point. They retail for $239 per 28 pan palette. Yes - you read that right! In the UK that equates to about £170 per palette. Now if you wanted to do the maths - that would be about £6 per eyeshadow, which is reasonable for the fact that you get 0.8oz per shadows which is more than a single MUFE eyeshadow pan and a MAC eyeshadow pan which all retail for more than that. So considering that, it may not seem THAT pricey. However, it still is a lot of money to pay at once for one eyeshadow palette.
Purple-Blue palette

I think I should note here that she does offer other palettes - such as 5 pan palettes ($49), single pans ($29), and a 10 pan palette ($95).

A more recent controversy has been the ingredients. It was noted that these eyeshadows contained Parabens (this has been found in cancer tissues). This made people even more weary of spending so much. However, Natasha has recently reformulated her eyeshadows to contain no traces of Parabens and they are cruelty free too. So no worries there!

Ok so let's get into the packaging and formula of the palettes.

Green-Brown palette (left) & Purple-Blue palette (right)
Packaging showing stitching 
I picked up the Green-Brown palette and the Purple-Blue palette. Each 28 pan palette comes packaged in a white patent leather type covering which is binded using black stitching. Inside the eyeshadows are protected in a black foam which is great for minimising the damage that could be caused by moving your shadows around. Inside the palette you have a decent sized mirror and a clear sheet to protect the mirror from the eyeshadows. Now I purchased one palette from Natasha Denona's website and one from Beautylish. The Natasha Denona website palette contains the names of each eyeshadow on a clear sheet inside the palette, however the Beautylish ones do not and just have the names on the outer box packaging. The palette also has a magnetic closing which secures the it from opening whilst traveling.

Swatch of a metallic shadow!
With regards to the formula - I have to say I was VERY impressed by the metallic eyeshadows. They are very similar to pressed pigments and glitters for some of them and extremely pigmented. If I were to recommend any of her eyeshadows I would definitely say you should try her metallics. The matte eyeshadows are gorgeous too and very pigmented, but for me I don't find them to be the most amazing mattes. They do definitely have a lot of pigment and yes - the swatches do carry on for at least 4 or 5 swipes!

Are these my most favourite eyeshadows ever - I have to say they are definitely up there with how impressed I am with their quality. Similar to how I'm impressed with the MUFE eyeshadows and the Viseart matte eyeshadows. Currently the Natasha Denona eyeshadows are my obsession and yes I'd say they are my favourite eyeshadows at the moment, however I wouldn't say they are the best I've ever used. I'm not sure if I've found my HG eyeshadows yet!

If you are interested in purchasing these palettes, you can get them from Natasha Denona's website here or you can pick them up from Beautylish here.

(One thing to note is that Beautylish actually do a 3 part-payment plan so you can pay for these over 3 months! However, they do work out more expensive when ordering from them than if you ordered from Natasha's website - Beautylish charge $286.80 altogether including duty and tax, where as Natasha's website is $10 for shipping to the UK).

Hopefully you found this useful! Let me know what you think about these eyeshadows. Would you purchase them?

Bye! Ciao! 
Vicky xx

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