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Sunday, 15 May 2016


Hi loves!

So for many of us the drugstore can be a place of joy when we first walk in and approach those makeup aisles. We feel a sense of excitement as we know we're going to spend the next few minutes watching and trawling through the endless supply of affordable makeup! Well... that's what I wish my experience would be like! As a darker skinned toned woman, I find that I always head into the drugstore with VERY little expectations. As a blogger I'm forever looking at what's new and I'd love to do more 'What's new at the drugstore' posts on my blog and Youtube channel, however I find that my options are very little. Let's explore the reasons as to why this is:

1. 50 shades of beige

My biggest problem with the drugstore as a darker skin toned woman, is the lack of shade options in foundations / powders that'll suit me! I've had countless discussions about the lack of shade ranges stocked in ALL drugstores selling beauty products. Skin tones apparently only range between Porcelain, ivory, beige, vanilla, sand, fawn, honey, and caramel. Most of these shades come in a range of classic, true, light, warm, golden, nude... the list goes on. Yet despite the effort in trying to differentiate each of these shades, there are still probably only about 3 shades typically available in a UK drugstore for actual dark skin tones, and that's only considering the brands that have actually been 'generous enough' to release these!

2. Dark actually means 'darker than beige' 

Is it just me or has the 'dark skin' somewhat been misunderstood by these retailers. I was recently tagged in a post on Instagram where a big beauty company decided to show swatches of their liquid lipsticks on three shade tones - light, medium and dark. Well that was a HUGE mistake on their part as they were ridiculed for trying to pass off an image of what clearly looked like a light skin tone being darkened. The shame! The foundation shades in the drugstore a lot of the time are at best a golden dark shade which is probably too orange based for most people and probably also not deep enough for others. I find it hilarious (well nearly) when I see 'deep' on a foundation bottle and it's basically two shades darker than the beige shade!

3. False advertising

A lot of these beauty stands in the drugstore, have started to use darker skin toned women to promote their products. That's great - if only the shades they would wear were actually available! I recently contacted a BIG company regarding their new foundation release, and the fact that the release did not include ANY dark shades despite the fact that they have used a darker skin toned British celebrity as the face of this new range! Their response? They release products to test the waters and then gauge the demand, but they appreciate my feedback. I completely understand testing the market - but when you only test the market on a select few who do not represent the WHOLE market then your strategy is not only flawed but it excludes a great percentage of the UK market.

4. Lack of availability

It's common knowledge that the US beat the UK hands down when it comes to their drugstore makeup ranges. It seems like the brands over there are forever releasing new products and we here in the UK can only pray and look on hopeful that it won't take a year for us to get them over here (which is mostly the case to be honest!). Now there are two parts to this - the delay in products reaching us over here and the difference in ranges that are offered when they finally hit our shores. I want to concentrate on the latter. When the UK finally gets the products, have you noticed that we sometimes don't get the same shades ranges? I've noticed this with lipsticks but even more so with foundations. I just simply cannot make sense of why a foundation range available in the US with a wide range of shades, cannot translate to the same shade ranges here in the UK.

Now there are many more issues with the drugstore, which I'm sure we can spend a life time discussing! However, I'm going to end here and just make this last recommendation to these drugstores - Consider your market carefully and practice inclusivity! 

What are your thoughts? Let me know below! 

Speak soon
Vicky xx         
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  1. Great post Hun the struggle is real for us dark girls I feel that in Ireland is even worst like its so hard to go and even find any dark shade of foundation..... Great post

    1. Thank you hun :). It must be so much worse in Ireland. It's ridiculous how these retailers think it's acceptable too!

  2. I completely agree with this, I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum- my skin is too pale for most brands- it really limits what you can buy!

    1. I've heard that for paler skin tones it's a similar issue! I don't understand why they choose to exclude so many people on both sides of the spectrum and think it's ok to do so! x

  3. Great post. I agree with all you have said. The false advertising of shades for women of colour annoys the hell out of me.

    1. Yes definitely. Why put a face on your product if you're not willing to cater for their needs? Ridiculous! Thank you hun x

  4. in the uk at least you can find something, think about black girls in Greece.
    i buy my foundation only from mac which is not even mt shade but i try to make it work anyway.
    nothing for my dark skin at any drugstore counter!
    It is ridiculous .



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