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Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Hi loves!

So I feel that this post may not sit well with many out there - but hey ho!

Now can I just start with a mini rant? Just a little one - please! I'm so over the over-hyped instagram famous brands that are so over promoted by their social fame that people become blinded to the quality of the actual product! There are so many brands out there that I can name (but I think I'll leave that for another post), but I'm sure you all know what I mean. Just know that this is kinda my mood when writing this review.... here goes nothing *sigh*

Huda Beauty has recently released her 'highly anticipated' liquid lipsticks which were marketed as the best out there (doesn't every brand say this?!) and a formula that none has ever tried before. So of course, me being the makeup junkie that I am just had to test it out!

I will first of all give credit to the creativity of the packaging of these liquid lipsticks. This is something that Huda Beauty has always hit top marks for! The lip packaging is a fab gimmick and is definitely a unique selling point for these! The liquid lipsticks themselves are in a frosted plastic tube with a doe-foot applicator.

I purchased two colours (of the 16 shades available on Cult Beauty) - a brown shade called Vixen and a deep red/purple shade called Famous. Both are quite opaque on application and I personally did not have any problems with streakiness. The liquid lipsticks appear to have a sweet but chemical scent to them which is a little off-putting. I found that these lip colours appear very different each time I see them swatched - including the promotion swatches. So this is something you should consider when purchasing these products.

When I first applied these I first noticed that they have a thin but creamy formula - this lends to their comfort when wearing them. That's another thing I will credit them for - they are a lightweight formula that do not appear to make my lips feel dry which was great for the first 10 minutes!

However, these do not seem to completely dry down matte as they feel tacky through out the day (as shown in the image above) and they transfer when drinking and eating. I was shocked to see that my lip colour had transferred so terribly that it ended up on my chin! Now my shock came from the fact that on the back of the packaging it is claimed that these do not transfer!

My inner rim had developed what I like to call the 'butt-hole' ring after only a couple of hours of wear (this basically means it had faded considerably and left a very obvious line of  demarcation). These seemed to look good for a couple of hours before the fading became apparent.

Overall I would personally not repurchase these as I feel that there are better options on the market for a similar price or less. I feel that they need to slightly improve the formula to ensure that these truly dry down matte and minimise the amount of transfer then they would be great! Are they terrible? NO! But are they worth the £18 price tag? I personally do not think so.

I purchased both the Famous Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick and Vixen Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick from Cult Beauty.

Let me know your thoughts below! I know I'm probably one of a few people who is not a fan of this product - but like I said before 'hey-ho!'

Speak soon,
Vicky xx



  1. Great honest account Vicky. I've got another few days of testing to go before I upload my blog, but I mimic what you say. It's very tacky :(

    1. Yes looking forward to hearing yours! I can't deal with tackiness in lip products especially when it's very obvious. Hopefully they reformulate it :/

  2. Thanks for reviewing these - like you say they're all over instagram and I have been very tempted to go out of my way to buy them. I buy the Sleek matte lipglosses, but the colour range isn't very big. Do you have a suggestion of another brand that has a liquid lipstick/gloss that dries well with a big colour range?

    1. Hi Edi! Thanks for reading! There are definitely better options out there. I'd say try the Milani liquid lipsticks www.milanimakeup.co.uk or even the dose of colours ones which you can find on Beauty Bay. I've also heard Beauty Bakerie has a good formula and they are also on Beauty Bay. Kat Von D has some too, but I find them a little drying but lots of people love them. Kat Von D cosmetics is coming to the UK in September on Debenhams website! Hope that helps! Oh makeup revolution have some nice ones too and so too does MUA xx

    2. Ah! The MUA ones are another set I here a lot about - may try those out, as well as the others you mention. thanks!


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