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Friday, 2 September 2016


Hi loves!

So today we're talking all about storage! Now if you are an avid makeup junkie like me, you know that storage can be one of the biggest issues (aside from your bank balance!). I feel that over the years I've had to change and adapt my storage techniques as my collection grew. Infact, I've had to be more creative with how I store my products - anything and I mean ANYTHING that looks like it could remotely hold a blusher or lipstick is going to be used!

 Well, I thought I'd share my top 7 storage ideas I actually use. I've read a few posts like this in the past, and I'm sure that some people don't actually store their makeup the way they claim - I mean I recently saw a pinterest picture of beauty sponges being stored in a cake stand (really?!)

So let's talk about it...

1. The cup 

Now makeup junkies know that normal household items are no longer used as they are intended. Let's take my trusted cups! I no longer shop for mugs for my coffee intake at home (infact, I actually don't drink hot drinks at home anymore!), now I look for the perfect mug - for my lipsticks and eyeliners! This is a great way to store liquid lipsticks and lip pencils. The prettier the mug the better! I love this one by Emma Bridgewater that I was gifted by my cousin at Christmas - having my name on it makes it even more special!

2. The bath

Yes you read that right - I said 'bath'! Ok, don't worry I haven't gone crazy and started storing makeup in my actual bath (although at the rate I'm going...). I did however, find a lovely plastic storage bath unit in Wilkinson's recently and I just knew it was going to be perfect! I actually have two of these - one I keep in my bathroom and store all of my skincare products and the one pictured below stores, well, it's supposed to store my everyday concealers, mascaras, primers, and anything else that I decide to throw in there! 

3. The boxes

Who remembers the time when subscription boxes were the all rage? Well during that time, I accumulated quite a number and had a small (untidy) pile in the corner of my room. So the other day I decided to have a clear out of my vanity drawers and used the boxes to store my highlighters. I've sorted out my high-end highlighters from my more affordable ones, as well as brands. Boxes are a great way to divide your products in your draws - especially if you can never bring yourself to throw away your small mound of subscription boxes! 

4. The blogger draws a.k.a Ikea Alex draws

So you know that almost every beauty blogger / youtuber has the same drawers somewhere in their room. The iconic Alex drawers are definitely a sign of blogger approval (I'm joking by the way - although I won't lie, I did feel more 'bloggy' when I got mine a couple of years ago!). These are great drawers for storing your makeup so that each drawer houses a particular product. For example, I have a concealer drawer, nail varnish drawer, affordable eyeshadow palette drawers, powders drawer, makeup backups (the list goes on). Now to organise these drawers I purchased plastic drawer organisers from Amazon which are great for my needs! I definitely recommend you trying them out! 

5. The MUJI drawers

Now one of my favourite ways to store my lippies is in my plastic drawers! Muji drawers are a great way to store any makeup product to be honest, as they are a clear box, so it's great to see your collection, but you can also stack them so you can customise the size of your storage. I use mine to store both my traditional lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. Love them!

6. The candle holder

So candle holders are great for storing a host of different products. From makeup brushes, to pencils, to tweezers - I use mine for everything! I've got a few large candle holders for my makeup tools and I have to say that this ceramic Moroccan inspired one from George at Asda is definitely my favourite! I love the design of this and it's so spacious so holds a lot of my eye and face brushes!

7. The magnet 

Oh now this one has to be my ultimate favourite way to store products. That's mainly because I love eyeshadows, and I particularly love building my own eyeshadow palette. So when I finally discovered the amazing world of the magnetic palette I was on a mission to fill the ones I have! I have quite a few to be honest and I'm not sorry! My favourite has to be my Z Palette which I filled with Makeup Geek eyeshadows as it has a clear window so I can see inside, but Makeup Forever also have a great option and Freedom Makeup London (pictured below on top of the Z palette) have just released their version. If you want to declutter your eyeshadow collection, or even blusher, or contour collection then depotting your single items from their packaging and placing them all into a magnetic palette is the best way!

So lovelies! That's it from me. I've shared some of my storage 'secrets' with you (although let's face it nothing's really revolutionary!) Let me know what your favourite storage techniques are below. Have you got some really creative ways? Let's chat about it!

Speak soon,
Vicky xx


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