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Friday, 23 September 2016


Hi loves!

Today I'm writing this post from an unusual setting. I'm at the train station, sitting waiting for my train to arrive. Now whilst I'm here it got me thinking about what to post this week. I've been thinking about the rapid changes in terms of how quickly it gets dark and how I'm now waking up for work and it's still dark (urgh!). Now of course I'm not the only one who has that dreaded season change feeling, so I thought I'd share with you my hassle free go to beauty products I use when getting ready at 6am!

As most of us don't have the luxury of time in the mornings (myself included) this is going to be a real and relevant post for you! In the field of work I'm in, if I came to work with a full face of makeup they'd think I've got a date or a job interview. So to be honest I keep it simple and quick. Natural makeup is key for me. 

Before I start I thought I'd add this little disclaimer. This is a routine I do as someone who wears makeup everyday. If you don't then this would probably seem like a lot to you.

So let's get started!

1. I start with my primer. I always prime. No matter how long I've got to do my makeup it's essential for me. Otherwise I'd be a grease ball by 6.30am when I get to the station! My favourite primer for everyday is my Becca Ever Matte and Poreless primer as it's like bullet proof protection for my oils. I love it! I apply this to my t-zone only as that's where I get oily and I do so using a patting motion instead of rubbing it in. It's the best way to apply it. Trust me.

2. Then I move onto my foundation. Now I tend to use certain foundations for work (those that are more full coverage but not heavy as I don't conceal), more recently it's been my Max Factor 3-in-1 All Day Flawless foundation in the shade Sun Tan. O-M-G. I think I've discovered my holy grail drugstore foundation! This foundation keeps me matte all day without looking dull. Paired with the primer- AMAZING. Honestly - I've just finished a bottle of this foundation after wearing it for 3 weeks straight! Don't worry though I've got a back up. I'll be doing a proper review and application on my YouTube channel very soon.

3. Next step is to set my face and bronze. To do this I use two foundation powders. Both from Esteè Lauder. They are the Double Wear Foundation powders and they're my favourite go-to powders to set my foundation. I use the shade Sandalwood all over my face and the darker shade Rich Mahogany around the perimeters and cheeks as a bronzer to bring back definition. I then add a light dusting of my blusher (I'm using MAC Raizin currently which is my favourite). Quick and simple!

4. Of course I have to fill in my brows. To do so more recently I've gone back to using my Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade - just to finish it really. I normally use my Cailyn cosmetics gelux brow product which is my favourite. Brows take me a couple of minutes to do. I tend not to fuss too much with them. 

5. Next is eye shadow. Now you're probably thinking 'huh?!'. Trust me this takes 30 seconds! I literally use my finger to apply a darker brown shimmer shadow onto my lids. Voila! Shadow done. Sometimes if I'm feeling a bit adventurous I'll take a fluffy blending brush and quickly buff into my crease a dark brown or black matte shadow. If I don't want to use a shimmer shadow then I normally stick to a brown matte or reddish brown matte shadow and apply that all over my lids. Then I apply mascara. No liner. I used to always use a liquid liner but nobody's got time for that!

6. Now of course I wasn't going to leave without a highlight. I just dab my fave morphe brush I use to highlight into my Makeup Revolution Rose Gold vivid baked highlighter and lightly brush above my cheeks.

7. I quickly spray my face with my NYX stay matte setting spray, then if I can be bothered apply my chosen lipstick or (more often than not) leave the lippy for the train! Above you can see my typical lip colour choices. Most days I keep it neutral toned, but there are the odd few days where I want to add a bit of colour! 

That's it! It seems a lot when writing this but believe me when I say I do this in under 10 mins. I personally hate carrying a makeup bag to apply my makeup on the train or bus or even at work. So I always give myself that extra time to get ready at home! This makeup routine allows me to work a full day and 12 hours later when I get home I'm not oily or greasy. I love it! 

I'll be filming my work makeup routine soon on my channel so you can see how quick it really is!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a great weekend :)
Vicky xx

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