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Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Hi loves!

Hands up if you're really feeling the change in season! I really am. I personally hate when seasons change, as I feel like I have to prepare and clear out so much junk. However, Autumn (or Fall for some of my readers!) has to be my favourite season. I love the fact that I can start wearing a jacket and boots again, without shivering whilst doing so! Summer is just too stressful for me to be honest - I'm not a heat lover.

Now, why did I start talking about the weather?! I'm actually here to talk about a new subscription service I've decided to try out. *Secret Scent Box is a new monthly UK fragrance box subscription, which provides you with new branded perfumes and colognes each month. You receive a 30 day supply of three fragrances (9 ml total) for £15 a month in a letterbox friendly package.

I've heard of subscription boxes for perfumes in the past, and I've always wished the UK had something like that as I do love my fragrances! So when I heard about the the Secret Scent Box I just had to try it.

This month I received 4 fragrances (the additional bottle was a gift for being one of their first subscribers). I received Versace Vanities, YSL Mon Paris and Burberry Touch for Women (x2), all EDP and were all packaged in a 3ml plastic sample spray bottle with a label attached to the plastic.

The great thing about this subscription box is that there is a male and female version, so it would be great as a gift to a partner or a friend.

The only improvement I'd make to this service is the packaging. I love the little box the perfumes come in, but I think I would have preferred having one vial of perfume per month with a nice carry case to place the vial into. That way we could have a 30 day supply of one perfume with a much more aesthetically pleasing packaging. However, I also am aware that this is a new company so I'm looking forward to seeing the developments they make in the future.

As mentioned previously each monthly subscription is £15 per month. To get 15% off of your first months box use the code FRIENDS15 (not affiliated) here.

Have you tried this yet?

Speak soon!


*I purchased these products myself. I am not affiliated with Secret Scent Box.


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