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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Hi loves!

So MAC have done it again and they've made us all highlighter crazy (or should that be crazier!). They are set to release their new Extra Dimension Skin Finishes and the great news about this is that they will be permanent!

Now if you are an avid MAC(aholic) limited edition collector, then you'll remember their release last year of the extra dimension highlighters in the shades Oh Darling and Shaft of Gold. The blue packaging and the fact that Oh Darling reminded everyone of the coveted Whisper of Gilt highlighter (which by the way is making a return this Christmas and yes - I've already purchased it!) sent most lovers of the glow into stalker mode whilst we stayed up waiting for the online release and instore releases! Now I'm pleased to say that the new highlighters are not only permanent (so need to lose sleep) but they also have a similar formula to those highlighters.

MAC will be releasing four brand new shades in their new In The Spotlight collection and I have to say that I'm loving them all. The shades are Beaming Blush, Show Gold, Double Gleam and Soft Frost. Last week I was invited to preview these new powders and see a demonstration by the UK's Senior MAC MUA Dominic Skinner (see his work below) and to be honest I was adamant that I wasn't going to cave and get any of them! But as soon as I swatched them - well I just couldn't resist.

I picked up two of the four strobe powders as you can see. Show Gold is a gorgeous iridescent pink with a gold shift, whilst Beaming Blush is a golden highlight with a pink undertone. Both are stunning shades - especially on deeper skin tones (see my swatches below). I have to say that MAC have done really well with these products suiting deeper skin tones.

As you can see from my comparison swatches below with the lovely Annie from Musings of a Makeup Junkie, the colours are very vibrant on my NW45 skin tone whilst giving a lovely subtle colour on Annie's NW25 skin tone.

Although a powder these highlighters have a 'creamy' texture, with very little fall out. When applied to the skin they give that 'wet / dewy' skin appearance, instead of a shimmery / glittery effect that some highlighters tend to give. The iridescence of all of the shades is very evident when applied to the face, however, don't worry they are more subtle than the swatches suggest (but you can build them up if you wish!). Below is a picture of the model Dominic used to demonstrate these powders. As you can see they have multiple uses - not just on the face as a traditional glow,  but also on the lids as and eyeshadow and on the lips to give a metallic finish (the model is wearing Ruby Woo with Soft Frost on top).

The strobe powders are not the only releases in this collection, as MAC will also be releasing strobe creams too. I personally did not purchase any of the strobe creams but they also give an iridescent effect but much more subtle. They would be great as a base for your foundation or as a highlighter on top of your foundation. You could also place the powders on top for a more intense glow. Below you can see how I have used the powder Beaming Blush on the centre of my lipstick as well as on my cheekbones and brow bone.

There are so many highlighter releases in the market, but these definitely stand out. MAC have totally taken a more creative spin on the highlighter craze and what seems like it wouldn't work- just does. The idea of wearing an iridescent purple or pink highlighter seems a little out there - but trust me, they are so versatile you could use them in your daily makeup routine.

Will you be picking these up? Let me know which ones you've got your eyes on!

These will be released on MAC UK's website on Thursday 27th October. Happy shopping!

Speak soon,
Vicky xx

Friday, 14 October 2016


Hi loves!
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say this but my skin has changed over the years. When I was younger in my early teens I had what you may consider quite normal skin with the odd teenage spot problem from time to time. As I've aged my skin has become ever more oily and I've realised that how I treat my skin needed to change too. Now I may just do a skincare post, but today I want to focus on the foundation mistakes I used to make as my skin began to get oilier.

1. Not paying attention to ingredients.
I think nowadays it's a lot easier to find a foundation to suit oily skin as the matte look is celebrated. But I remember a time when oil-free foundations were few and far between. So I always purchased foundations with oil in them and wondered why I looked greasy within an hour of wearing it! Checking that your foundation is oil-free is always a great start as it will help immensely with the way in which your foundation appears.

2. Priming is key... But choosing the right primer is essential
There was a time I never even knew what priming your skin was or even what a primer looked like. But today you can't escape the new primer releases. There are primers to smooth your skin, reduce pores, anti-ageing, blurring, mattifying, radiance and the list goes on. If you are oily I always suggest using an oil-free primer that mattifies your skin. You only need to place the primer where you get oily so all over the face isn't necessary. You also find it lasts longer so you're saving money! I would also recommend multi-priming if you find your mattifying primer doesn't work well for reducing pores for example.

3. Overloading on the powder - dullness of the skin is not a great look.
I used to think if my skin didn't look freshly powdered then it was a bad makeup day... Oh how wrong was I?! I think sometimes with oily skin we seem to want to forever do the powder touch ups even when the tiniest oils start to show. We then start to pile on too much powder and the whole 'cake face' situation becomes a reality. To overcome this the obvious thing is to powder less. The only time I feel the need to reapply powder (which I hardly ever do now) is if my foundation appears to be breaking down (normally around my nose). I actually do not carry a powder with me. I've found that blotting sheets are a great alternative. To avoid the powdery look I tend to use my MAC fix plus which reduces that look and gives me more of a flawless 'natural skin' finish.

4. Staying away from anything with the word 'Luminous'.
I used to run a mile from any product that claimed to produce a 'luminous glow' to the skin and definitely any foundation that made that claim. However more recently I've found myself drawn towards products that give me that healthy glow. In particular with my foundations, I find that I can still wear a luminous foundation if the key ingredient 'oil' is missing. Foundations such as the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation and the more affordable L'Oreal True Match foundations are great examples of such foundations. They are both similar in that they give a luminous finish to the skin, without making you appear oily or greasy throughout the day. I find they both give a satin finish to the skin which is more like a natural skin finish and that's the look we should be wanting to achieve - not the appearing of dry and dull looking skin.

5. Wishing for the wrong thing!
Now my last mistake I used to make was resenting my oily skin and wishing I had dry or normal skin. Well not anymore! I embrace the oiliness - in fact oily skin allows my skin to appear more youthful which I'm very appreciative of. But just remember that just because you have oily skin it does not mean that you can neglect your important skin care routines such as moisturizing and cleansing. Do not strip your skin of its natural oils (sebum) that it produces, however also note that just because your skin is oily it does not mean your skin cannot be dehydrated. Bring moisture back into your skin because despite all of the foundation tips I've given above - the most important factor to ensure your foundation works is that your base is in a good condition!

I'll be delving more into a skin care discussion in a future post. But let me know what kind of foundation mistakes you've made in the past!

Have a great weekend lovelies,
Vicky x


Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hi loves!

Michael Bublé has launched a new fragrance and I love it! There I said it... No building up or guessing game here. Let me explain why!

I was recently sent the new fragrance release called By Invitation and the first thing I noticed was just how beautiful the bottle appeared. It comes with a gold metal rim within which the glass perfume bottle is housed. The perfume bottle lid reminds me of a traditional lady's spray without the cushioned pump or decorative tassles. It just screams elegance.

The perfume itself reminds me of something warm, light and sweet, but not sickly as it also has a slight earthy undertone to it which I feel makes it suitable as a unisex fragrance. I personally like a more sweet with a slight floral undertone to it and I find that this works well.

Now if my own description of the perfume scent was no help to you, let's take a look at the notes he has used. Bublé has incorporated rose, vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood as well as taken inspiration from his favourite scent Diptyque Tam Dao.

I've been wearing this perfume everyday for work, but it would also make a great evening fragrance. I find it to last my full 12 hour day and longer and I don't find that I need to reapply. The only thing I would've loved is for the bottle to be a bit more travel friendly (although that may have compromised the stunning design).

Seeing as Christmas is fast approaching (yes I said the 'C' word), I would say this would be a great gift option!

The By Invitation perfume by Michael Buble is now available in stores (rrp £29-£55).

Speak soon!
Vicky x 

Saturday, 8 October 2016


Happy new month! So with the new month comes new exciting product releases. Let's take a look at what's to come and already released in the month of October.

CoverFX are relaunching their Illuminating Finish Powder, which they claim will be much more creamier and brighter than the original. The great thing about these new Perfect Light Highlighting Powders is that if you're a fan of the CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops, then you'll love these as they are releasing the new powders in three of the shades in the Custom Enhacer Drops collection (Moonlight, Sunlight and Candlelight). I think these would be great if you're not really a fan of liquid highlighters too! These will be released on the 3rd October on the CoverFX website, and later this month in Sephora. I'd also keep a look out to see if SpaceNK get these and Harvey Nichols!

So last month I visited a Laura Mercier concession in House of Fraser, and I asked them about the release date of their new 4 pan highlighter. The new Fall in Love Illuminator will be limited edition and will include smaller pans of the original illuminators Devotion, Indiscretion, Addiction and Seduction. These are already available on Sephora's website ($58), but will be available in stores this month (including the UK). I already have three of the original pans so I won't be getting this one, but let me know if you will!

Now if you love your marble packaging (every bloggers go to accessory it seems!) then you are going to want to keep a look out for the new Marble Collection being released by BhCosmetics. They will be releasing two eyeshadow palettes: cool stone (pink marble) and warm stone (grey marble). They both will contain 12 shades with a mixture of mattes and shimmers and will retail for $12 each. I'm definitely considering this one! The warm stone looks more like what I'd go for! The release date is tbc! (UPDATE: THESE HAVE JUST GONE LIVE ON THE BHCOSMETICS WEBSITE!)
Stila have released their new Christmas 2016 collection! Its full of Stay All Day Liquid lipstick mini sets, an eyeliner set, a makeup brush and a highlighter palette. It all looks stunning in its gold packaging. I'll be giving this one a miss (like the majority of Christmas releases this year!) but will you be picking anything up?

Tanya Burr has released her new Autumn collection of her makeup line in Superdrugs. To be completely honest, I've only ever tried her lip glosses (infact that was one of my first ever lip swatch videos on youtube!). Her new range comprises of body illuminators, cheek illuminators, an eyeshadow palette and face palette. It also includes her new lipsticks which look gorgeous in their gold packaging.

Jouer cosmetics have released a new eyeshadow palette called the Essential Matte and Shimmer. It appears to be more of an earthy toned palette which I love. This is available on Jouer's website for $40 on October 4th as well as on Cult Beauty's website for £32.

Now if you love your brushes and beauty sponges, you will love the new collection released by Elf Cosmetics called the Beautifully Precise Brushes. There are a total of 9 brushes sold as a complete bundle (£90.50), partial bundles (£18.00 - £40.50) or singles (£6.00 - £14.50). They are stunning with their white bristles and clear brush handles. I definitely want to try some of the more unusual shapes!

I'm a huge fan of Bioderma, so when I saw that Escentuals were now stocking their new reverse pump bottle it quickly got added to my wishlist. I'm not sure if this is an October release but who cares! It looks fab. It's currently retailing for £12.66 (rrp £19.99) for 500ml.
Tam Beauty are on a constant roll! They never seem to stop. This month has seen a host of exciting releases to say the least. These include, the newest chocolate palette called Chocolate Love, new beauty sponges (including minis!), new lip lavas with a chocolate scent to them (love these!), new makeup erasers and brow pomades (they've also released a load of new Halloween makeup essentials if that's your thing!) Phew! I love their products and so I've already bought a few of these so look out for future reviews!

Now the last palette I'll be talking about is the new Palette Les Nudes by Bourjois Paris. I don't normally purchase Bourjois products as they mostly do not cater for my skin tone, however I couldn't pass on these palettes when I saw them in Boots! I'll be doing a full review of them but make the most of the 2 for 1 offer Boots currently have as these normally retail for £11.99 but I ended up paying £12 for both!

There are so many more new releases! I just can't keep up. Is there anything you're looking forward to getting your hands on this month?

Have a great weekend,

Vicky x

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