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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Hi loves!

So MAC have done it again and they've made us all highlighter crazy (or should that be crazier!). They are set to release their new Extra Dimension Skin Finishes and the great news about this is that they will be permanent!

Now if you are an avid MAC(aholic) limited edition collector, then you'll remember their release last year of the extra dimension highlighters in the shades Oh Darling and Shaft of Gold. The blue packaging and the fact that Oh Darling reminded everyone of the coveted Whisper of Gilt highlighter (which by the way is making a return this Christmas and yes - I've already purchased it!) sent most lovers of the glow into stalker mode whilst we stayed up waiting for the online release and instore releases! Now I'm pleased to say that the new highlighters are not only permanent (so need to lose sleep) but they also have a similar formula to those highlighters.

MAC will be releasing four brand new shades in their new In The Spotlight collection and I have to say that I'm loving them all. The shades are Beaming Blush, Show Gold, Double Gleam and Soft Frost. Last week I was invited to preview these new powders and see a demonstration by the UK's Senior MAC MUA Dominic Skinner (see his work below) and to be honest I was adamant that I wasn't going to cave and get any of them! But as soon as I swatched them - well I just couldn't resist.

I picked up two of the four strobe powders as you can see. Show Gold is a gorgeous iridescent pink with a gold shift, whilst Beaming Blush is a golden highlight with a pink undertone. Both are stunning shades - especially on deeper skin tones (see my swatches below). I have to say that MAC have done really well with these products suiting deeper skin tones.

As you can see from my comparison swatches below with the lovely Annie from Musings of a Makeup Junkie, the colours are very vibrant on my NW45 skin tone whilst giving a lovely subtle colour on Annie's NW25 skin tone.

Although a powder these highlighters have a 'creamy' texture, with very little fall out. When applied to the skin they give that 'wet / dewy' skin appearance, instead of a shimmery / glittery effect that some highlighters tend to give. The iridescence of all of the shades is very evident when applied to the face, however, don't worry they are more subtle than the swatches suggest (but you can build them up if you wish!). Below is a picture of the model Dominic used to demonstrate these powders. As you can see they have multiple uses - not just on the face as a traditional glow,  but also on the lids as and eyeshadow and on the lips to give a metallic finish (the model is wearing Ruby Woo with Soft Frost on top).

The strobe powders are not the only releases in this collection, as MAC will also be releasing strobe creams too. I personally did not purchase any of the strobe creams but they also give an iridescent effect but much more subtle. They would be great as a base for your foundation or as a highlighter on top of your foundation. You could also place the powders on top for a more intense glow. Below you can see how I have used the powder Beaming Blush on the centre of my lipstick as well as on my cheekbones and brow bone.

There are so many highlighter releases in the market, but these definitely stand out. MAC have totally taken a more creative spin on the highlighter craze and what seems like it wouldn't work- just does. The idea of wearing an iridescent purple or pink highlighter seems a little out there - but trust me, they are so versatile you could use them in your daily makeup routine.

Will you be picking these up? Let me know which ones you've got your eyes on!

These will be released on MAC UK's website on Thursday 27th October. Happy shopping!

Speak soon,
Vicky xx


  1. I've got my eyes on soft frost, bleaming blush & show gold

    1. Nice! Did u manage yo pick any up?? What do you think?

  2. You look beautiful. Can you please tell me what products you are wearing on your eyes, as well as where you placed the colors? Thank you in advance!

    1. Thank you hun! I'm using the Huda Beauty Textured shadows palette on my eyes! I've actually got a review and demo of this look on my YouTube channel! YouTube.com/beautybreakswithvicky Hope that helps! X

    2. Thank you hun! I'm using the Huda Beauty Textured shadows palette on my eyes! I've actually got a review and demo of this look on my YouTube channel! YouTube.com/beautybreakswithvicky Hope that helps! X


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