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Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Hi loves!

Urban Decay have recently released their new Spectrum palette and it's gorgeous! To be completely honest, I almost thought that their new Naked Basics palette was all they had to offer this Christmas, but they didn't disappoint when they gave us this surprise release.

So before I get into the swatches and price comparison, I'll start with my thoughts on the palette. The palette comes with 21 shades (reflecting the spectrum of a rainbow) with 18 of the shades being new, whilst 3 of the shades are exclusives from past palettes (Alchemy - a shimmery fuchsia from the Vice 3 palette and the shades Hatter - a bright shimmery green & Metamorphosis - a vibrant blue from the Alice in Wonderland palette). As expected the palette is full of bright bold colours, with one true matte shade and a variety of metallic and shimmer shades.

Using the palette I have to say that I do quite like it. As a bright and colourful palette, I was a bit nervous about the types of eye looks I could create. However surprisingly I've found that I've actually been able to produce quite subdued and smokey eye looks, more than the bright and colourful ones. My favourite colours in this are the shades Midnight Blaze (a brown/green with golden shimmer), Hundred (a deep shimmery green), Platonic (black with silver shimmer), Sketch (a purple with slight shimmer), Goldmine (a metallic gold), Warning (a metallic orange), Blindside (a vibrant blue) and Minx (a dark purple shimmer). I find that these are the most vibrant and wearable for me on a day to day basis. They also have great pigmentation and appear vibrant when applied to the lids. Unfortunately there were a few duds in the palette, in particular the shade Calavera (a bright yellow that did not translate the same on my lids), Jones (an orange gold that appeared quite dull on application) and Faded (another dull purple shade that just did not show much colour when applied). I love the fact that Urban Decay decided to include a matte white shade as that did help as a base before applying the shadows to make them appear more vibrant.

In terms of the ease of use of this palette, I didn't find it difficult. The shadows are generally pigmented and tend to blend well. I would have preferred to have more mattes without a shimmer base as this palette is lacking a good transition shade (a warm matte brown and red would have been perfect!). For me, some of the shades are a little powdery with some kick up in the palette. Some of the more poorly performing shades were more difficult to pick up with my brush and I felt some had a slight shimmer fall out.

Last year Urban Decay released the Urban Spectrum palette which retailed for £35.00 for 0.75oz and came with 15 full sized eyeshadows (0.05 oz. each). The new Full Spectrum palette retails for £43.00 for 1.2g (total of 21 eyeshadows) with 0.04oz per shadow. So this year you are receiving slightly less in the eyeshadow pans, but you are receiving more eyeshadows in total, thus reflecting the price increase.

I have to say that one of the standouts for me of the palette is the packaging. It's a beautiful black (plastic) palette, with a ridged design on the top and the name of the palette in a rainbow effect. Inside the palette you get a full sized mirror as well as your standard double ended brush (a blending brush on one end and a shader on the other). Urban Decay describe the arrangement of the palette as being 7 rows of 3 (so you can work with a cluster of three shades), however I think I'm more inclined to see this as a palette with 3 rows of 7 shadows in each row. Although to be completely honest that's irrelevant!

Overall this is a good palette. As an avid makeup lover and collector it definitely brightens up my collection. If you are wanting an everyday eyeshadow palette then this probably will not be my first choice for you, however for those a little more adventurous this would a lovely choice. Is it the best palette release this year? Not necessarily. Is it the most exciting release? I wouldn't say so myself. However it was a lovely surprise to see it being released (especially nowadays when nothing is a surprise anymore when it comes to the latest releases!). All in all a beautiful palette and I'm looking forward to playing more with it!

The palette is now available on Urban Decay's website here.

Let me know if you'll be picking this palette up and what you think of it!

Speak soon,

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  1. I love this palette. In a world full of nudes and browns, this palette is a breath of fresh air.


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