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Thursday, 5 January 2017


Makeup Revolution have done it again! Yes - the Kings of the dupes on the current beauty market, have ventured into the lip kits range and produced their own version. Now if you are unaware of what a lip kit actually is - it's nothing more complicated than a liquid lipstick (or traditional lipstick) and a lip liner being sold together.

I'm sure most of us have heard of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, that hit the market big last year. I personally was never really a fan of her lip kits and never fell into the hype surrounding Kylie and her makeup line. I did purchase two lip kits from her range (however, I've now sold one!) at a ridiculous price and I wasn't blown away at all. So when Makeup Revolution released these lip kit beauties on New Year's Day in some Superdrug's stores - of course I was on a mission to hunt them down and see how they compare to the Kylie ones!

The Makeup Revolution Lip Kits retail for £6 each and they have (I believe) five in the range so far (although I have seen some sneak peeks at some metallic lip kits coming soon!). Now I only picked up two (Regal - a red/orange & Glory - a deep brown) of the colours as I felt the others were too light for my skin tone. Similar to the Kylie Lip Kits, they come with a liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner.

How do they perform? 

Let's talk about the formula, because this is where I have some mixed feelings. The lip liner is a waxy and more creamier formula which I am a big fan of. They definitely remind me of the Colour Pop lip liners which is great as Colour Pop liners are my favourite (they made it into my 2016 Best of Beauty!). I will say that they are slightly creamier than the Colour Pop ones, so they do move around a little when applied initially, but then they set to a matte finish. The liquid lipsticks were a little disappointing for me. The have a cream like texture to them when you apply them initially and eventually dry down matte. I feel like it takes them a little while to dry down completely and because of that they have a tacky feeling to them (which I can't stand in lip products!). Once completely dry, the majority of the tackiness goes away, however not completely. Despite this, they do feel quite light on the lips and the formula is such that it doesn't feel too drying (infact after application my lips felt very soft). As they are a matte liquid lipstick, they do have a long wear time, especially with the liner applied, but they aren't completely transfer proof (they did transfer when eating and drinking).

Are they Kylie dupes?

Now, I had to do a dupe test against the Kylie Lip Kits, so let's see how that worked out! As I only picked up two of the shades, the only kit I could do a comparison with was the 'Regal' Lip Kit against the Kylie Lip Kit '22'. Let's start with the packaging - the Kylie Lip Kits are famous for the lips art work on their packaging and Makeup Revolution have taken their own twist on this and also included a lip art work on their own packaging. The MUR artwork is slightly raised on the packaging which I think is a lovely touch.

With regards to the liquid lipsticks, the shade 'Regal' from Makeup Revolution and '22' from Kylie are both an orange tone, although Regal does dry down to a deeper reddish orange tone (giving it a slight difference). The Kylie liquid lipsticks have a sweet scent to them, the Makeup Revolution liquid lipsticks in this kit do not and they both have a shelf life 12 months. Both are in a plastic tube with a doe-foot applicator, although the Makeup Revolution design is a much more simpler gold colouring, as opposed to Kylie's black melted liquid design. Here's where it gets more interesting! The Makeup Revolution liquid lipsticks hold 5.5ml of product whilst the Kylie ones hold just 3.25ml! Given that we are only paying £6 for the Makeup Revolution Lip Kits, instead of $29 (approx. £23 - not including shipping and possible customs charges!) for the Kylie Lip Kits, I'm very impressed! (There are some similarities in their ingredients, but to be honest nothing to write home about - Kylie does seem to have a longer ingredients list than Makeup Revolution).

For me, despite the tackiness, I find the Makeup Revolution liquid lipstick to be more comfortable in the sense that it's not as drying as the Kylie one. However, I will credit Kylie for not having that tackiness to her products so she wins a point for that one! The Makeup Revolution formula is slightly more creamier than the Kylie one, which might explain the tackiness I feel (it may be due to a thicker formula). The Kylie liquid lipstick also dried a lot faster than the Makeup Revolution formula. With regards to the wear time, they both last long (a good 6 hours), but I did find that the Makeup Revolution one wore down better than my Kylie one, which I find starts to flake after a while and becomes drying.

Another comparison to consider are the lip liners. I've already stated that I'm very excited about these ones! Not only are they similar to the Colour Pop lip liners, they're similar to the Kylie ones too (some may argue that Colour Pop and Kylie are practically the same anyway so of course there would be similarities)! Still, they are a little more waxy and creamier, but they perform well - and for the price - I'm not complaining! One thing to note about the two is that although they are both 1g each, the Makeup Revolution Lip Liner only has a 6 month shelf life, whilst the Kylie ones have a 12 month shelf life. Of the two pencils, I have to say that I do prefer the Kylie '22' pencil shade as it is slightly deeper which I think suites my skin tone best, where as the lip liner for the Makeup Revolution kit is much brighter than the liquid lipstick (see pictures below).

The other lip kit I bought was 'Glory' - which is a deep brown shade. This reminds my of the Kylie Lip Kit 'True Brown K' which I personally do not have to compare to. However, this shade of brown is similar to other brown liquid lipsticks on the market including Smashbox 'True Grit' liquid lipstick. The formula is the same as 'Regal', however I did find that 'Glory' was more patchy on application as seen in the swatches below.

So my overall thoughts? I'm glad there's a much more afforadable option on the market right now and even more accessible. I do quite like these kits and for £6 I think they are definitely a great buy. I would love to see a change in the formula of the liquid lipsticks - just a reduction in the slight tackiness, but overall I give these a big thumbs up! Oh - and just one more request - PLEASE release  the liners as singles! Simply for the selfish reason that 'Glory' lip liner reminds me so much of my favourite lip liner by Colour Pop 'Kae'!

These will be available online and in more Superdrug's stores very soon, so keep a look out!

Have you tried these? What do you think! Let me know below!

Speak soon,
Vicky xx
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