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Wednesday, 15 March 2017


A lot has to be said, when we now have travel friendly highlighter sheets! If you know me, then you already know them I'm not one to shy away from the glow, so when I saw that MUA had released these highlighter sheets I was more than intrigued.

MUA released these sheets last month, and they call them shimmer sheets. I believe there are two shades in the range - white gold and rose gold, but I picked up the shade rose gold. If you're still confused by what it is I'm actually describing, think blotting paper sheets - but with shimmer! The whole sheet is covered in the shimmer highlight ready to be torn out of the pack and applied when needed.

Now I think this is a great alternative to bringing your delicate highlighters with you when travelling - in fear of breaking them. These are a no fuss alternative and they are very pigmented. They do lean towards the more chunkier side of shimmer highlighters, however they are still quite stunning when applied. I'm not too sure on the number of sheets in each pack, but to be honest, you can use each sheet more than once if needed.

These are very affordable at only £3 per pack too. I'll be honest and say that this isn't something I will say is a staple in my collection, but it will be kept in my travel makeup bag. Although, just because you have the sheets it doesn't mean you can leave your highlighter brush at home. These definitely need blending in when applied, otherwise you end up with a line of highlight on each cheek bone!

You can find them online on Superdrug's website .

Vicky x

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