Welcome to my world of makeup, sweet scents and real talk. You should always have a cuppa to hand and sit back and enjoy a little snippet of my world! A beauty and lifestyle blog for all, but as I like to say it's also 'brown girl friendly'. As a brown beauty myself I ensure that all product reviews that are complexion based really show what works on a deeper skin tone as well as showing what's being catered for brown beauties!


Hi loves!

I decided to start Beauty Breaks as I became very aware that the beauty industry (especially in the UK) was quite limited for women with deeper skin tones. Being able to find a product that would suit my skin tone (which is according to MAC a NW45) became more and more difficult the more I became interested in the beauty industry.

I love makeup and consider myself a 'makeup enthusiast'. As a beauty blogger I love to try new products and find the latest releases that are great for deeper skin tones. I love to review products and show you exactly how they perform.

As well as blogging, I also have my own youtube channel which you can access here, where I do the same but also demonstrate some of the products I discuss here. I see my blog as an extension to my channel.

If you love beauty as much as I do and want to keep up to date with new releases and see how products perform on deeper skin tones, don't hesitate to follow!

Looking forward to hearing from you and chatting with you as we have our very own Beauty Breaks!


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